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Thursday, September 29, 2005

School work and sucrose molecules

Zing! I should slip in at least one tiny little post before the working week is up, goes.

I have had so much work to do lately. The annoying thing is, I usually get quite a reasonable amount of time to do it (a week, or a little less, usually) but everything is due around the same time. That's when I decide not to do anything at the weekend because I'm lazy, and then it all seems to accumulate and I get really stressed! There's a biology test tomorrow, which I think is going to be hard, because it's on a topic which we never learnt about at GCSE. I really know what people mean now when they say that A/AS level goes into so much more depth.

Biochemistry though, you've gotta love learning all those amazing facts! Ack.

I also was nagged by my friend to open up a LiveJournal so we can all keep tabs on each other. Quite a good idea since we've all gone in different directions after HFS, and it's nice to know what everyone else is doing. None of my RL friends read this blog, and I'd prefer to keep it that way, sometimes because a few things I write down are a bit more private, but mostly because I'd just like the freedom of being able to express myself semi-anonymously (Oh God, I just said "express myself". Apologies for that.). The LJ stuff is a little more condesnsed, less thought about, not very well written and (probably) less concentrated with thoughts, even though I've only had it a few days.

Oh, just a word to Emlyn: You nutter. It is, pardon my French, fucking FREEZING. I know Canada is an icebox, but how could you describe this weather as "refreshing"?! Nobody has any idea how badly insulated my house is-I'm just about surviving wearing a thick top and a scarf. Though my feet are very, very cold. Seriously, when things hit rock bottom (around January), I'm sat at the computer in a thick winter coat, hat, jumper, 2 pairs of joke. People with nice, cosy, carpeted flats, you don't know how lucky you are. Just a tip to anyone who does end up buying an old, crumbling house with rotted window frames, get all the insulation done sooner rather than later!

Sorry, I kind of got out of writing something more by linking to my journal. Sneaky ;) This wasn't very fullfilling for me, and probably not for you too, but perhaps I'll have something better to blog about at the weekend.

Saturday, September 24, 2005


It's only September, but I'm already shivering. My eyes feel like the retinas are being pushed out from the inside. This morning I've had to drag myself out of bed and shove several things down my throat-zinc tablets, vitamin C, lemon juice, kiwi fruit. This is the first time I've actually written a blog entry down on paper because I'm so Goddamn BORED, after being up since 7am and unable to get back to sleep.

The funny thing is though, my immune system just appears to break down the minute Friday rolls around. I'm not joking...for the past 3 weekends, I've had this foul cough/cold combo, which runs out of steam by Monday and after the week is up, has gathered enough energy to rear its ugly head again. In a way, I guess it's "lucky" that I've not had to get up early and face school with a tissue attached to my nose, but the ideal thing would be not to have the stupid cold at all! I wanted to go out today. Arrrrghhhhh!!!

Now I'm gazing around my room to try and think about what to write. There's a CD rack, and I want to pick one off there and stick it in the stereo without getting out of bed, Matilda style. Yesterday, I listened to the first CD I ever bought. It was "Witch Doctor"-that really annoying "ooh ee ooh ah ah, ting tang, walla walla bing bang" thing (It was 1999, OK?!) sung by people in ridiculous costumes. My friend and I both loved that song. I never had it in me to play frisbee in the garden with it until it eventually met its end by colliding with a wall.

The book I'm reading at present is sitting next to me..."Haunted" by Chuck Palahnuik, the guy who wrote Fight Club (which I only know by reading the book list on the second page). It's pretty gruesome and very twisted. I should link to one of the stories which I found on some webpage. One of the most horrible in my opinion, it's called "Guts".

I have no idea how this is going to look typed up. Probably too short, with way too many paragraphs. Oh well. I kept getting distracted and having to stop and pull out another tissue to wedge under my nose. Seriously, the only good thing about the annual September/October temperature drop is being able to wear scarves. Which RULE!

Note from the present day:
Wow, that's weird. I was right, the paragraphs are way too short, and there are some monster sentences too. But I guess that's what all my blog entries would be like if I had a laptop and I could sit in bed typing them...basically, me going off on a tangent every few minutes. Actually, I could blame it on sickness. I was delirious, dammit! I wasn't really sure what to set the post date/time as, but I put it so it matched with my writing yesterday. Do read guts though, I mean, you might end up on the floor if you're really squeamish, but err, probably not.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Blogging statistics

It's been ages again...woops! I wanted to blog the other day but something freaky was going on with blogger. In the midst of my boredom, I did, however, manage to mess around and search blogger domains via google for certain phrases. **

10 results for "I am a stupid idiot" - It's good that these people are being true to themselves.
1 person says "I have sex with animals" - Just the type of thing to put down if you want to be inundated by porn comment bots :) Or er, if you really are into that kind of thing.
41 people think that "Homosexuals are gay"- wow, aren't you clever!
There are around 25,700 "I love me" cases of narcisism on blogger.
154 men say "I’m God’s gift to women".
13,000 results for "tastes like chicken" - too many things do.
2 results for "waffles rule"
8 results for "pancakes rule"
3 results for "pop tarts rule"
How can pop tarts beat waffles? They aren't even in the same league!

And finally, 183 people are letting the word know that "blogs are boring". Yay. Some vital statistics there. I do realise that theoretically I've now added one more figure on to each total of results, but I don't think my blog is google listed.

As far as school is going, it's a bit crap really, but I'd rather not complain. Ok, I'll rephrase. I don't have the energy to complain. There are so many things that we are expected to get involved in (it's all about the UCAS form) but it's really difficult being new and not exactly knowing how things will pan out over the next few weeks (months? years?). Like, there's this whole volunteer thing, which everybody should do, but isn't volunteering "for your local community" defeating the purpose if you don't live in Enfield County? I thought of helping out in the library for one lunchtime a week, because I did it in my last school, and it's something to do, but new people aren't even on the database yet!

*head => desk*

Oh, and here's a chemistry rhyme:

Little Johnny took a drink,
Now he shall drink no more.
For what he thought was H2O,
Was H2SO4.

Monday, September 05, 2005


First day of school, first day of school!!! Actually I'm exaggerating-I'm way too tired to be that exclaim-y.

I got my timetable and stuff, and the school day is just LONG. It's just gone 9 O'Clock and I can hardly keep my eyes open. The travel is probably a contibuting factor but I'm just going to have to try and make the best of things while I'm getting used to it. 3 of my 4 subjects were on the timetable today...biology was hard so I know that chemistry will be a million times harder. Everybody in my English class either does history, or drama, or both. I feel like a weirdo.

Oh yeah, what the hell is this article trying to say? It's beyond me the amount of crap on the internet that is supposed to be in the interest of the general public. Do they think people don't know that things cost money? Earth to "Ellen Cresswell", the pen I'm holding in my hand, it wasn't for free. People should be worrying about the environment inside secondary schools and how their children are learning rather than how much uniform and lunches cost. After all, free school meals do exist for people who really can't pay for things.

Beluuugghhh, such boringness. I'm writing a note to myself here. I must remember my first day of school and how dead I feel. Dead dead dead dead dead.