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Thursday, November 24, 2005

A Melancholy Christmas

I saw a house with a plastic "merry Christmas" wreath on the front door today. How depressing.

Usually I'm really upbeat and excited by the time Christmas comes around, but this year I'm feeling rather lethargic. All I can think of is how Christmas time equals rushing around in the cold trying to desperately buy presents, some of which are for people you really don't want to give them to. Oh, and lots and lots of work being smushed into the tail end of the Autumn term.

The fact that it's getting dark later and later really seems to drain my energy at the end of the day too. Yesterday, something incredibly strange happened when I was on the bus home. I could feel myself getting dangerously close to falling asleep, and I needed to get off in a few stops, so I made myself open my eyes and try to be alert. Then the next thing I know, I'm standing at the (wrong) bus stop, and the bus is driving off...I didn't remember anything in between sitting down and standing on the pavement, and I don't know why the hell I got off the bus where I did, because I had to walk the rest of the journey.

Talking of buses, this morning a group of kids got on, and I swear, one of the girls had a laugh which was practically identical to that of Janice (from Friends). During the first minute of her laughing, it was funny. After 10 minutes, her uncontrollable shrill cackling was really starting to grate on me. I was trying to do some reading for English, but I ended up getting distracted and listening to their conversation about the girl colliding with a man on the pavement. No one actually changed the subject-they were talking (well, shouting and laughing) about this thing from Bruce Grove until Edmonton Green. Which is quite a while. I found the whole thing very odd.

Apart from that, nothing much else has been happening. I'm going to Essex this weekend to visit my grandparents, which will hopefully be nice. I started off really wishing it would snow (after hearing about the snow that is supposed to hit parts of the UK this week), because they live in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by loads of fields. So that would be fun. But then I thought about it more, and remembered that I'm getting the train there, and trains and snow don't usually get on very well.

Finally, I know it's really late, but here are some pictures from Bonfire Night. I have the Flickr link in the sidebar anyway, but I thought some people may like to look at them. I also know that my blog hasn't been very active recently, but at the time of writing, I have 972 hits. Only 28 more to go until 1000! Since I've set the counter to ignore my IP address (it's only fair), feel free to refresh the page a few times. Y'know, just to help things along.


  • At 11:08 pm, Blogger Emlyn said…

    Now that you're just a few days away from end-of-term, are you feeling a bit less melancholy about Christmas? Ya must be! Just think, you've survived your first term at a really good sixth form. Hey, well done!

  • At 9:52 pm, Blogger Miss Waffle said…

    Thanks :) Maybe I should be saying the same thing to you...well done on the first term at a new school! And yes, you're right, I am feeling less melancholy about Christmas right now. In fact, I may even make a post about it...

    Waffley x


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