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Thursday, September 29, 2005

School work and sucrose molecules

Zing! I should slip in at least one tiny little post before the working week is up, goes.

I have had so much work to do lately. The annoying thing is, I usually get quite a reasonable amount of time to do it (a week, or a little less, usually) but everything is due around the same time. That's when I decide not to do anything at the weekend because I'm lazy, and then it all seems to accumulate and I get really stressed! There's a biology test tomorrow, which I think is going to be hard, because it's on a topic which we never learnt about at GCSE. I really know what people mean now when they say that A/AS level goes into so much more depth.

Biochemistry though, you've gotta love learning all those amazing facts! Ack.

I also was nagged by my friend to open up a LiveJournal so we can all keep tabs on each other. Quite a good idea since we've all gone in different directions after HFS, and it's nice to know what everyone else is doing. None of my RL friends read this blog, and I'd prefer to keep it that way, sometimes because a few things I write down are a bit more private, but mostly because I'd just like the freedom of being able to express myself semi-anonymously (Oh God, I just said "express myself". Apologies for that.). The LJ stuff is a little more condesnsed, less thought about, not very well written and (probably) less concentrated with thoughts, even though I've only had it a few days.

Oh, just a word to Emlyn: You nutter. It is, pardon my French, fucking FREEZING. I know Canada is an icebox, but how could you describe this weather as "refreshing"?! Nobody has any idea how badly insulated my house is-I'm just about surviving wearing a thick top and a scarf. Though my feet are very, very cold. Seriously, when things hit rock bottom (around January), I'm sat at the computer in a thick winter coat, hat, jumper, 2 pairs of joke. People with nice, cosy, carpeted flats, you don't know how lucky you are. Just a tip to anyone who does end up buying an old, crumbling house with rotted window frames, get all the insulation done sooner rather than later!

Sorry, I kind of got out of writing something more by linking to my journal. Sneaky ;) This wasn't very fullfilling for me, and probably not for you too, but perhaps I'll have something better to blog about at the weekend.


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