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Thursday, August 25, 2005

It's all over!

Wow, I got my results!! I was shocked, relieved, confused and happy all at once for ages this afternoon, so I decided to wait before I posted anything.

This might look like a totally egotistical kind of thing to do-post my results without really expanding the entry at all, but y'know, it's my blog :) There isn't really much to say about today except that I got up early, was nervous, met some friends at Starbucks and was unable to consume anything because I felt a bit sick. Then we walked through the park to school, picked up the results, screamed, laughed, cried (not me personally, but some people did) and tried to avoid questioning from nosy teachers. Then me and about 4 other people got dragged off by the deputy head to have our photo taken for the reletively crappy local paper.

They didn't ask for any parental permission, so I'm wondering if I can sue.

So this is how I did:
English Literature-A*
Double Science-A*A*

I know certain people reading this will be thinking "hardly a surprise, I already knew she'd do well", but seriously, I've exceeded my own expectations by miles, as well as my subject teacher's predictions. Perhaps this is life telling me to have more faith in myself? Or, erm, marking errors?

Well, anyway, I'm off for my final interview at "that school that I'm always worrying about". I have to hand in some forms and then there's some kind of thing to meet past and present students from other schools. Arghh, another early morning, followed by an hour on the bus. Torture...


  • At 1:15 am, Blogger Emlyn said…

    Congrats! Well done! And good luck on the interview, and i really hope you make it into La... uh, the place that can't be names. I can't say I knew you were going to do great, because I've never taught you, but all those A-stars are pretty amazing... especially in English! ;)

  • At 11:17 am, Blogger Daimonios said…

    Bravo! Though 'tis funny how you always had a brilliant path ahead of you and never really realized because you were too busy worrying :-P. Hope to see you soon on yahoo.

  • At 3:06 pm, Blogger Miss Waffle said…

    Aww...thank you! Everything is set for school now, I should write something about that. :\

    I was so so so shocked about my results in English! I didn't score A*s on all the courseworks and I thought the exam went really crap. Especially for Lit-I was really used to having notes in my books and thought I'd die without them.

    Anyway, I'm continuting with English Lit next year, so maybe I'll come running to you screaming "I DON'T UNDERSTAAAAND!!!". :P

    :) Thanks again xxx


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