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Monday, December 19, 2005

Pyjama morning

Today is the first official day of my Christmas holidays...and how wonderful it is! There was such a build up of hard work in the second half of Autumn term that it's so great to just have time to relax. And the best part? No homework! I seriously have no homework, apart from reading for English, which isn't exactly a chore (and will hopefully be enjoyable rather than boring). As expected, I am feeling much less melancholy about Christmas, and presents, and chocolate...hell, I'm even embracing the lights, providing they aren't too OTT. The Christmas crap they've got playing on all the music channels is rather annoying, and sometimes I get the urge to strangle Wham, Slade, Band Aid, Mariah Carey (plus any other christmas hit singers I missed out). But since I'm no longer in the6th form common room with it blasting out from all angles, I'm free to change the channel whenever I like.

The only Christmas song which I don't hate is Fairytale of New York, by the Pogues (and Kirsty MacColl). They were playing it at the start of assembly at school, but stopped the music before it got to the best part:

You're a bum
You're a punk
You're an old slut on junk
Lying there almost dead on a drip in that bed
You scumbag,
you maggot
You cheap lousy faggot
Happy Christmas your arse
I pray God it's our last
The last week of school was generally ok; I handed in my English coursework with a sigh of relief that I'd never have to read Coleridge again, and didn't fail my Chemsistry test either. There was quite a jolly final assembly, with amazing singing and an alternative nativity. The head gave an extremely boring speech at the end, but then everybody tried to silence him with 3 minutes of continuous clapping "for the staff" until the bell went and he had to cut it short. I finished at 10:50 am on the Friday, but waited around for my friends to finish their lessons, and then we went off to walk around Camden market. I didn't eat any food there-ever since I bit into a huge lump of chicken that tasted like it had been coated in a whole jar of salt, I've been put off the chinese/vietnamese/japanese Camden food for life. I watched my friend eat some 'sweet and sour chicken though', which actually wasn't at all sour, and she said was likely to be covered in liquid toffee.

I got told stories about a man man who runs a shop on the high of my friends is banned from there, because she tried on a t-shirt and decided she didn't want to buy it. Another got grabbed by the hood of her coat and had to escape from the shop. I've made a mental note to steer well clear. As we walked further into the market, indentical things became cheaper and cheaper, where eventually there was a £6 price difference on a pair of ear muffs (not that I'd want any) depending on where they were being sold. Some people are being majorly ripped off out of reluctance to walk a bit further.

So...I could write lots more about that, but it's getting kinda late, and I'm meant to be going to visit my old school at lunctime. I'll be cool to see people, and tease them that I've already started my Christmas holiday. Afterwards I'm going to see King Kong, which is exciting, as I've been told it's really good. Hopefully I'll remember to write one more blog entry before I leave for Cornwall on Wednesday...


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