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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Officially able to have sex, gamble, and buy cigarettes.

Oof...long time no entry, eh?

It was my 16th birthday on the 17th of March, and I hate to admit it, but I had a pretty nice day. I got a massive (15cm diameter) badge which I wore to school, pinned on to my uniform sweatshirt, which was fun, and then I got presents from my friends and a tuneless "happy birthday to you" from everyone. In the evening, a few people came over, and there was food, and a big cake with strawberries and apricots. My best present was a creative zen micro. Yay mp3 players! Long gone are the days where I had to cart around my ancient brick like walkman. The earbuds in the 'phones really are huge though-they're stretching my earholes beyond repair!

On a weirder note, I found my old diary the other day. I started writing it sometime in 2002, and stopped about 9 months after that. It was such a collection of hormones and well...more hormones. I had a completley different mood for each entry. Infact, sometimes I changed moods in between entries. I like to think I'm a little more balanced now. There was also an entry from last time I'd pulled it out and written what had changed. So I wrote in some more UpDatEZzzZ!!11! and decided to put in an entry after my last exam (June 24th). Technically speaking, since I stopped writing, bad and upsetting things have happened in my life, but I actually feel better than I did when I was just about to turn 13. Stuff is still happening now with my family, and it's breaking my heart, but I feel a lot more connected with myself.
Am I sounding like a 40-something year old hippie, who's just about to enter mid life crisis mode? Ok, I'll stop now.

Talking about my day-today was nice, I went to Covent Garden with my aunt and uncle for lunch. Then to the National Gallery (I hadn't been to an art gallery for years) and we watched a bit of an anti-Iraq war protest in Trafalgar Square. The message behind it was good, but there were a bit too many people my age with peace signs scrawled on their cheeks in biro, wearing tight tshirts and skirts with bells on. Scary.


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