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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Moan, moan, moan

Blogging is such hard work. Everytime I log on to the net I just can't be bothered to post because I havn't got anything interesing to say. Trying to talk about stuff is hard, because nothing much has gone on.

I've had a boring like week at school so far. On Tuesday, I had an interview for another 6th form. It went pretty well actually, the woman interviewing me was nice, and I didn't feel as nervous as last time. All this 6th form crap is really depressing me though...I don't know where I'm going to study. I don't want to go to somewhere that is really high profile, but all the teachers are mean and the students snobbish and bitchy. Does that sound stupid? Lots of people I know only care about repuation and results. The teachers at my school are pressuring me to stay at the 6th form there, and actually trying to sabotage my chances of going elsewhere (I think). I rung up one of the schools I had applied to today, and asked them if they had recieved a reference from my school yet. They told me that they'd requested one on the 2nd of Feb, and have tried to get in contact twice after that! There's also more tight deadlines and coursework, obviously.

I've been watching Channel 4's "Banned Season" this week. The best program has been on Sunday. Jerry Springer the Opera has been the most complained about program to date, with 50,000 complaints, 40,000 of which were made before the show was aired. I actually watched it-it was ok, but kind of dull in most parts. Lots of swearing and stuff, but after a while it didn't really have any effect ("What the fuck, what the fuck, what the fucking fucking fuck?" sounded like a song that you'd hum under your breath while making tea). It gave lots of warnings to people that were easily offended though. I guess it was a little blasphemous (cue Jesus, wearing a nappy and singing "I'm a bit gay".) but people wern't forced to sit down and watch it. Plus, I think its stupid to complain about something because you've "heard" its bad. People should learn to make their minds up themselves.

They had lots of interviews with "complainers" on the programme aswell, some of which were incredibly stupid. A woman was nagging about the F-word being said on TV, yet she was quite happy to sit in her armchair watching a 70s programme which was a comedy built on racial slurs and stereotypes, something most people nowadays would find far more offensive. She thought it was "harmless fun". Another one was shown this programme called Seance, where a guy called Derren Brown used his mind-control skills to manipulate 12 members of the public into believing they were talking to a dead girl. She was infact, very much alive, and this was revealed at the end. The "complainer" was adement that the "devil" was present in the room, and this sort of television programme was a moral outrage.

Ah, so I did, after all, find something to blab on about. As usual. Its my birthday in 7 days....YAY!!!!!!


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