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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

The novelty of having a blog is starting to wear off. I feel like I no longer have the capacity to go on and on about nothing. It might be because I've had a bit of a rotten day though.

Its been snowing on and off here for 2 days. The first time it started snowing, I ran around the house for 5 minues singing and being hyper :P But the snow didn't settle, and then it snowed again, and didn't settle, and this is starting to get annoying. The public transport is still bad, my feet have frostbite and there is a thin layer of ice on the pavements, but its not SNOWY! I thought it was getting a little late in the year for snow anyway-my birthday is in 3 weeks and I hope the weather improves a little before then. Even though its minus something outside, shops have decided that its not winter anymore and have stopped selling gloves. I lost one of mine the other day and went everywhere, and I couldn't find any, apart from some red suede ones. Ick. Now I'm stuck wearing my brothers gloves, which have a white skull and crossbones on them. I've tried wearing them so the skull is on the palm of my hands, but I'm still getting weird looks off people.

I started reading the Da Vinci Code the other day. I havn't read much, but so far, it's really good. I don't usually go for those kind of books, but I saw it in the library and just thought "Why not". Seeing as I havn't finished the book, I'm not really able to properly comment on it, but I'll post something when I'm done. It really pisses me off when people on Amazon do reviews for stuff that hasn't even been released yet (The Sims 2, etc). How exactly do they KNOW its so great? And then other morons do reviews talking about what is ment to be in it, and criticising the people who have reviewed it with "OMG this game is so great i cant wait till it comes out!!!!!1111!!!! I luv the sims2 eva1!!! XDXDXD". Jeeze, what hypocrites.

I also have so much coursework and revision to do, but I don't want to make an extra long moany post about all that. I've been slaving away on a bloody sewing machine practically all evening. The only thing keeping me from collapsing is that Desperate Housewives is on tonight. Drama Drama Drama! I don't really know what to do to fill up some space. I'm not in the mood for quizzes. I wanted to post some lyrics, but they seem a little too deep for this entry.

I thought I'd put on a picutre I drew in paint instead.

If you didn't already guess the moral of the story, it's that cliques are annoying. Why are there plenty more fish in the sea....would you like to date a fish? If it was raining cats and dogs I'm sure the road would be littered with carcasses and squashed puppy dog tails. Oh and also, anyone who thinks a bag that is pink and red has awful taste, and probably deserves to be killed by a bag filled with bricks.


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