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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Icy pavements

I'm feeling so refreshed today. Its like a huge weight has just been lifted off my shoulders...
The exams went reasonably well, Physyics was hard, but y'know, whats new? And I've handed lots of coursework in for marking, which feels a hell of a lot better.

Eeep! I got my exam entry sheets today aswell:
25th May Am-English Literature Paper H
6th June Am-Geography paper 2 Pm-Science-bio1, chem1, physics1
7th June Pm-Maths Non-calculator
8th June Am-English Paper 1 H
9th June Am-French listening test H
10th June Pm-English Paper 2 H
15th June Am-Maths Calculator Pm-Geography paper4
16th June Am-Science-bio2, chem2, physics2
17th June Pm-Statistics
20th June-French reading test H
24th June-Textiles technology paper H

Its so scary to think that in no time at all I'll be sitting my exams. On the plus side, I'll be finishing school on the 24th June-about 3 weeks before my brother's summer hols start. HA. We got our exam pre-release in Textiles today. The theme is "Native American Indians". Are these board examiners on crack? It couldn't be any harder. Last years one was Denim, which was kinda ok, but native american indians? Pfft.

Also, next Friday, is Red Nose Day, so there'll be all kinds of silliness going on. My friends have organised a teachers "Stars in your eyes special", which should be funny in a painful kind of way. I must remember to bring my ear plugs.

Other than that, not much other stuff has gone on. There's iced over puddles (which the year 7s seem to find oh-so interesting, you'd think they'd never seen anything like it) and it's still freeeezing outside. I might go to Oxford Street this weekend to buy my friend a birthday present from Muji. Ho hum. What a boring life I lead...

That's why I feel the need to do quizzes!
The image is a bit cruddy, but I guess I can't complain. Yeah, I like desperate housewives. Sue me :P

Oh, and here are the links for the 2 quizzes that I made:
What Fruit Are You?
What type of child were you?
The child one is better than the fruit one, but neither have fancy boxy result things that you can stick in your journal, just a picutre and text.


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