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Friday, February 25, 2005

TFI Friday!

Stupid post title. But totally, totally true. I think my weekend is going to consist of revision, coursework, food and sleep. Oh yeah, and I'm going to the new Ikea tomorrow for a bit of Swedish retail therapy. You might have heard about its opening night on the news-Stampede mars IKEA London opening. I don't think people with so little sense as to camp outside a furniture shop for a day until 12 midnight should be too suprised that there was a riot. I watched it on the news-there were babies being lifted to safety above the crowds. There goes the neighbourhood, haha. I'm glad I don't live in Edmonton. I am excited though, especially about the 99p scented candles, scandanavian jams and all. Oh and daim choccys. Mmmmm!

My brother has been really pissing me off latley. When your twelve year old brother holds on to your dad's legs and refuses to let go, you know that somethings wrong. He's also been getting into the whole emotional blackmail thing-threatening to bash his head against the wall if he doesn't get his way and then doing it infront of my mum, as hard as he can without it actually hurting too much. The other day, we actually got into an argument over twister ice creams. He said that they do not have any (dairy) ice cream in them, which obviously they do. I know that it looks like I'm just as childish, but in my defence, I was in my room after "walking away", when he practically shouted me down the stairs to prove his point. So I went into the freezer and took out a twister, and naturally, it had the swirly pineapple ice cream on it. Then he tried to change the subject by climbing up a step ladder that was near the door.

This happened when my mum wasn't here and I was meant to be "looking after him". It's like he just goes around asking for an argument. The phrase "act your age, not your shoe size" is very fitting.

Hmm...I wonder if anyone (that I havn't given the address to) even reads this. Probably no. But I'm copying and pasting one of those email quiz thingys. Me and my friend made the questions up for this one, so hopefully its not as tragic as the others.

1. Full, full name (include made up middle names and such): Censored for the sake of amomoinimity.
2. Other stuff people call you: See answer to question 1.
3. How old do you like to think you are? 21...Yeah that sounds cool..."I'm 21, how about you?"
4. Do you have eyes and hair? If so, tell me about them: *checks* Yep, I think I've got some of those. Two green eyes, and some brown hair. Does that sound normal?
5. Is it raining right now? I'm not bothered to check, but living in London, it probably is.
6. What were you doing on the 2nd of July 2002? Well, I must have been sleeping at some point.7. Have you not not been arrested before? No
8. Do you like Romeo and Juliet? NOOOOOOOOOOOO
9. Favourite board game (meaning something like monopoly, or a game you play when you're board): Maybe pictionary or annoy-your-younger-sibling.
10. Least favourite board game (if you HAD to choose, cause everyone likes board games, right?): Checkers...ARGH!!!!
11. Who is the most peculiar and why? That weird man on my street who walks around in a suit, with a can of beer and sainsburys bag. Oh, and also Soma (just kidding :P)
12. What colour thermal underwear are you wearning? is pretty cold after all. I'm also wearing a bob the builder thermal vest.
13. How do you sleep at night? On a pile of straw, curled into a little ball. Oh no, thats a hamster, isn't it. In a bed then, on my side.
14. Do you like or dislike valentines day? Dislike strongly
15. Ever eaten Krispy Kreme doughnuts? Yep...mmm mmm
16. Does the phrase "You can't have your cake and eat it too" make sense? Course it does, only stupid people can't understand that phrase.
17. What makes you want to shove sand into your eyeballs? When I stub my toe on a chair.18. Favourite educational TV programme: El Nombre
19. Favourite type of fish: Tuuuna
20. How many blades of grass do you have on your lawn? 145,347,000,00021. Which hat of yours is the most expensive and how much did it cost? Erm...I think my most expensive hat probably cost about £6. Impressive, non?
22. How much do you love me? *stretches arms* THIS MUCH!
23. Did you ever fall for that "it is impossible to lick your elbow" thing? Didn't everyone?


24. Did you try and lick it? I bet you did. Yeah, sure pal.
25. What make are your computer speakers? Dell
26. Describe your ideal pair of shoes: Anything that looks good in a laid back casual kind of way. Being the right size is also a plus.
27. What is the sixth sense? Common sense.
28. What's your favourite pirate memory game? That would be "Peices of 8"
29. Does George Bush smell? Yes
30. Does Tony Blair smell? Yes
31. Does the person who sent this to you smell? Yes of roses
32. What do you prefer, perfume or eau de toilette? Eau de toilette
33. What is your reason for the previous answer? Because it means toilet water :P And its not as strong.
34. Have you ever done anything legal? Of course (don't tell anyone)
35. Have you ever drank or taken apples (or even PEARS)? All 3...Thats right, I'm BAD!!!
36. why do you have to breathe? Cause otherwise I might pass out.
37. describe the 5 worst things about yourself: Annoyingness, nail biting, too small, figety, lazy (sometimes). Don't hate me, I promise I have *some* good qualities...
38. do you really need to eat anymore? The question is, do I really need to stop eating? *munches* probably yes
39. describe your worst hairdo: Horribly long and thin and ratty.
40. describe your worst outfit: Pink culottes and matching top (when I was about 6)
41. Most gruesome childhood memory: Falling off a bike and cutting my knee...probably a lot less gruesome as I imagined it at the time.
42. How many times a month do you brush your teeth? 60 (about)
43. What brand of toothbrush do you use? Colgate
44. What brand of toothpaste do you use? Also Colgate
45. What brand of mouthwash do you use? Lysterine....MMM
46. Favourite fast (disgusting) food restaurant: Yuck...erm...probably burger king.
47. How many spots do you have on your face? Hopefully none48. Do you have (metaphorical) devil horns or a halo? Halo + a 2 tiny horns hidden by my hair.
49. why do you exist? Because the world would not be able to function without me.
50. how did you come to exist? The stork, duh! Everyone knows that.
51. what's your worst nightmare...come on, spill! Seeing a ghost or some kind of other supernatural creature, or a murderer and no one believing me, and then having to be left alone in the house and get killed.
52. phobias? None really, but I'm a bit scared of wasps and cockroaches.
53. which is you favourite Winnie the Pooh character? T I Double Grr Err! TIGGER!


  • At 12:23 am, Anonymous Tammy (Pixi TT) said…

    I <3 Ikea. I'm so glad I don't have a brother lol.

    Your blog looks awesome!!! :p

  • At 5:27 pm, Blogger Miss Waffle said…

    Yay! Thanks for the comment pixi :) Glad you like reading my blog.

    Waffley (aka flush)


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