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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Those pesky mints!

Things that annoy me

Starbucks-I know it's probably a little bit hypocritical for me to mention this one seeing as I do get dragged in there sometimes, but everything there is just so bloody expensive! I made the mistake of buying some mint swirly dream crap chocolate one time, which turned out just to be mint options, and I should add that it was lukewarm. I just don't like the fact that they are completley taking over everywhere

Laxatives in mints-This is just annoying...that stupid little warning in capitals on the back of sugar free mints (I also saw it once on chewing gum). So basically, what they're trying to say is: "eat as much as you like!! Sugar free!! PS. don't eat too much or you'll be stuck on the loo." Laxatives also brings me to another topic. Some people think that laxatives cure diarrhea. This is not the case. If you think someone has "verbal diarrhea" and you want to insult them, don't advise them to take laxatives; you mean something like immodium. People just need to learn about what they are saying before they say it.

Spelling/grammar-I'm not one of those types who will go around and pick faults for no reason. There are a few things that bug me...misplaced commas are annoying, because it just makes the sentence look and sound so wrong. Then again, no commas are also bad. If people just read things before they write them, I think they'd understand why it sounds wrong, or at least I hope they would. Also, I don't like how some people misuse the word "literally" to emphasise stuff or whatever eg. "She was literally crying her heart out!!" What, so her heart was falling out of her chest in a puddle of tears? No. You don't need literally there, get rid of it!! I'm not sounding too good right now, so I'll stop.

Mobile phone ringtones-I feel like, really OLD when I say this, but ringtones are just SO annoying! I never used to be bothered by them but since my brother got a mobile, I'm experiencing the joys of having my own personal ringtone DJ at home. Sorry, WTF is the point on spending £3 on some crappy thing that beeps a bit and makes you look like a complete arse?! And then they have to take it one step further to release this shitty crazy frog song (which was actually an insanity test that has been on the internet for ages) and the song gets to number one in the charts! Really though, why do you need to spend a fortune to have tons of them on your phone? It's like people have forgotten the actual function of mobile phones, and all they're good for now is to blast out horrible peircing sounds on and texting automatic generator things that tell you how compatible you are with Britney Spears.

Plastic surgery on 10 years younger-surely this just defeats the purpose of the whole programme! If you had enough money, you could make yourself look 20 years younger. The way I see it, plastic surgery on a makeover show is cheating. Keep it natural.

Ok, ok, I'm done! Enough moaning from me! There are way more thing that annoy me, but I suppose the ones mentioned above are just little things that I can live with. I really should do an extensive list of all the things I really love to balance, but then I can often write much more when I'm ranting about one thing or another.


  • At 11:33 pm, Blogger poostreaks said…

    Lots of things annoy you don't they? I'm working on my own list. Got it down to a hundred items so far. Still a bit too long though. I agree with your point about spelling and grammar. It was funny as well though. In fact, I literally laughed my head off. Yes, literally :)

    BTW thanks for your comment. We were chuffed. Somebody actually reads our blog!!


  • At 3:03 pm, Blogger Miss Waffle said…

    I'm glad my entry made you laugh :D I was trying to gear it towards humourous, rather than conjuring up an image of an old woman angrily typing a letter to Trebor complaining about how their mints had inteferred with her bodily functions.

    I'm sure people do read your blog! I like it, and one day I'll try that banana bran loaf recpie.

    Waffley x


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