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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Wow, half term is finally upon us. It's a horrible thought realising that I've got a heap of exams next week monday until the 24th of June. So I daresay I'll be having much fun.

I went to Derbyshire for the weekend to visit some was nothing spectacular, but just nice to get out of London for a bit.

Then tonight (though technically last night, as I'm writing this at 1:15am-ignore the non GMT time that shows up under my post) I went to this barbeque party at my friend's house, which was a bit of a strange experience. Naturally, there was alcohol, but I chose not to have any. Not because I was afraid of coming home and my mum finding me pissed, but to be honest, I just don't like the stuff. It tastes nasty and I really don't have any desire to sit with a bottle of artificial cherry crap in my hand, pretending that I'm having a fabulous time forcing it down my neck. To be fair though, there were no alcopops. Instead, they just went out and bought vodka, tequila and some other stuff to mix their drinks. Fine, ok, whatever.

Now I'm no expert, but some of these people did not know how to handle their drinks. I swear, this girl arrived and about 10 minutes later she was on the floor. There were only about 15 of us there, but seriously, I don't think half of them knew how much would send them from "happy drunk" to "passed out drunk". One girl totally started freaking out and crying, and apparently she was still like that until 2am. For me and a few of my friends (the ones who wern't rolling around in the garden), it was just very weird. The party started getting more and more boring and I ended up leaving kinda early. A few people slept over and my friends house was totally wrecked by the morning, but at least I didn't have to clean up. Ha Ha.

So apart from that, I havn't really been doing anything. Lots of revision to do this half term, and what makes it worse is that Big Brother has just started on Channel 4. And if you're reading this and thinking of some snide remark to stick in my comments, don't even bother trying to tell me that Big Brother is put on the air for people with nothing better to do than slob out on the sofa and stuff food into their mouth. I'll still love watching it. Although I've got to say that the producer's contestant picking skills really have gone downhill over the years. It seems to me like they've added "extreme arrogance" as one of the requirements. The only contestant who doesn't look in the mirror and see themself as God is a woman who believes that she's been abducted by aliens 7 times =
Ciao for now

(I actually am finishing this post almost 2 days after I started it. Woops.)


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