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Thursday, April 21, 2005


Yesterday while I was bored, I composed this monstrosity:

Oops I did it again Mrs Robinson, Jesus loves you more than you will know, ‘cos you are the dancing queen you sexy thing. Wouldn’t it be nice if we were older, then we wouldn’t have to rock DJ, because you’re making me feel like a bat out of hell, and I don’t wanna miss a thing…I’m travelling at the speed of light, that’s why they call me a material girl, God only knows what I’d be without you, God only knows what I’d be without money money money, it’s like ten thousands spoons when all you need is a knife. A heart that’s full up like a landfill, summer in the city, where the grass is living for today, you may say I’m a dreamer without a trace of doubt in my mind, I’m caught in a trap at the hotel California, ice ice baby. There she goes, like a champage supernova in the sky, love me love me say that we all live in a yellow submarine livin la vida loca. All the people in a Barbie world, entertain us, take me on pussycat, woah woah woah ‘scuse me while I kiss the sunshine on my window, that’s what you are my baby love can’t touch this. Came home in the morning light, tears are filling up their glasses, cos there ain’t no river wide enough that keeps me from getting to a waitress in a cocktail bar and if you wanna know if he loves you so it’s in his brand new car. God save the queen mickey, you’re so fine, and love, love will tear us apart like a candle in the wind I hear your voice, scaramouche scaramouche.

To clarify, many of the song lyrics I included do not reflect my musical tates (oh God no), but they're all pretty well known. Some are from those songs that you have no idea sung them, but the lyrics are just engraved into your mind from hearing them so many times. For example, there's some Aerosmith up there. I hadn't ever intentionally listened to Aerosmith until I went to Disney Land Paris a couple of years ago, and went on some indoor rollercoaster that was endorsed by them. I don't know what song I was hearing while I was plunging into darkness, but it went well with the strobe lights. I also learnt a lot about their guitars while queueing-added bonus.

I'll give a gold star to whoever can name all the songs I included lyrics from.


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