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Monday, April 18, 2005

Brain fluff

I'm feeling kinda weird today. Like, a bit insecure, but different...empty. I suppose this is going to be an entry of pure nothing, as I havn't really got much to say. I've got an interview on the 27th April and I'm really nervous, and I can't stop stressing over it. There's too much stuff going on in my life right now and I feel like I'm incapable of making any decisions, so I just end up shoving things to the back of my mind until they end up emerging a while later, covered in brain fluff but just as worrying.

My feet hurt like hell today after ice skating, and then I spent the remainder of my evening doing revision for maths, biology and French. Yep, I'm all Frenched out:
J'habite a Londres. Ma maison est grande et typique. Il y a sept pieces: un salon, une cuisine, une salle de bain, un WC et trois chambres. Ma chambre aux troisieme etage. Il y a trois etages. Il y a un jardin avec le bassin et une balacoire. J'adore ma maison parce que c'est agreable et le jardin est beau avec une poulouse, des fleures et des abres.

Feel free to translate, and correct my spelling mistakes. Whatever, it's oral practice, so I don't care. Stupid thing to type, but I don't like short entries, and there's some stuff in there about my house that I havn't mentioned before (actually, most of it is either simplified or made up, but it's not like it's going to make much difference).


The saying "If you don't like me for who I am, don't." is ok, but I prefer "If you don't like me for who I am, get off the planet." Yeah, that definitely sounds better.
To any readers: sorry about the weird entry. You can blame it on hormones, or something.


  • At 10:09 am, Blogger Ukatoton said…

    So which oral exam is this? 1st? 2nd? I've done 1 so far in year 10 (which i'm currently in) and I didn't actually prepare anything, so I hadd to do it again.

    Good luck on your exam. If you can't think of anything forthe future tense part: quand j'ai fini l'exam, je me rappèlerai le futur compose, et je me frapperai.

  • At 1:54 pm, Blogger Miss Waffle said…

    I've done a few oral mocks, the most recent one was in December. This is the real GCSE french oral >:( I dunno what exam board you're on, but for AQA there's just one oral, composed of a roleplay, presentation and conversation topics.

    Really, year 10? Then what was with the mock exams in December? Seriously, I never had that. How cruel.

    So yeah, you can read my "good luck" when you're in year 11, and thank me for being the thoughtful person that I am.

    Waffley x


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