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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Toilets and tantrums

I was hoping not to follow one depressing entry with another, but unfortunatley, this is not the case.

My brother is driving me crazy.

Now I know siblings aren't meant to be the best of friends, but answer this: who has had their face spat in by their 12 year old brother?
Let me rewind back to the beginning. It's Easter Sunday, at about 10:30pm. His (very annoying, brattish) friend has come to stay the night. I'm sitting downstairs, minding my own business, when I hear shouting and screaming coming from upstairs. I go out to the hallway, and my mum is hammering on the toilet door. Why? Because the stupid little shits have locked themselves in the toilet, with my brother's playstation and TV, and are refusing the come out. They had actually fed the cable underneath the door, plugged it in to the power socket and were playing the damn thing before my mum found out and disconnected them.

I went upstairs, and asked what the hell they were doing:
"We're on strike!!!!"
"Because this house is sexist!!! Mum wouldn't let me use the phone!!!"
Oh yes, that makes perfect sense. Everyone in the house has turned 'sexist' because he wasn't allowed to use the phone. So suddenly, there are two boys locked in the toilet (which is about 3 metres long), with a playstation and TV, and all hell has broken loose.

Eventually, they came out, my brother victorious that he had managed to cause some upset. So, I shouted at him, and he shouted back at me, while he was carrying the TV back to his room. Once he's at the top of the stairs, I said
"Well at least I'm not so stupid that I lock myself in the toilet with electricals."
So he puts down the tv, runs down the stairs, leans over the banister and spits in my face.

That's possibly the most humiliating thing that he has ever done to me. It might sound that I'm making a big deal out of things, but my brother should know better. Infact, he does know better. He's violent, immature and rude, and is generally a pain in the arse.

(Oh, and I found out yesterday that he didn't even cook up his genius toilet scheme himself. He saw it on Hollyoaks-just proves that kids do actually get influenced by television.)


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