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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Tearful farewells

Well, that's it...I have officially finished school! Yesterday was a mad whirlwind of smudgy mascara tears and signed school shirts. I also did the signing thing (hey, it's part of being a teenager, however tacky) but I got my friend to sign right across the chest so I didn't get any boobs drawn on in marker pens. I also managed to avoid someone writing "stick your dick here" with an arrow pointing to the appropriate 'part'. Yeah, I do know how vulgar that sounds but I'm rather glad that I'll be able to cringe a little less when I pull it out from the wardrobe in years to come.

The sad part was that the school had told us that we were leaving on Wednesday, and then kicked us out on Tuesday afternoon, which came as a shock to everyone. I guess they did this to prevent mass egging and flouring plans, but people found out during the day and decided to graffiti the toilets before lunch. They stupidly left their initials though, and had to spend the rest of the afternoon cleaning it up. Anyone dumb enough to write "This was my smoking toilet by V.L." deserves everything they get. I doubt I'll miss any of those girls.

After all the emotional stuff though, I'll be back at school on Thursday with some of my friends, to do revision in the morning, and then I have my French oral exam in the afternoon. I think I'm sounding very unlike me when I say "I think I'm going to do well in the oral", but surprisingly it is true. I honestly think that I've put in a lot of work and hopefully it should pay off and I'll get my A* in French (at least for the oral part of it). I've got a English Lit exam the following Wednesday, and then it's a whole week before the real scary exams begin.

As today is my first day of study leave, I've done a "plan" which is structured like the school day, so I'm writing this during lunchtime. Apart from me missing my first revision session because I overslept, I think it's gone pretty well and I've concentrated better than usual.

Another bit of school related news--I can't remember if I mentioned how shit scared I was about that elitist posh grammar school interview? Well, I got a letter last week, and I have a conditional place. I was so thrilled over actually achieving something, but the shock was so great that I had to read the letter about 10 times to actually believe it was true. But now, I've got to make a decision over whether to choose familiarity and stay at my old school, or go there, which has a stainless acedemic record, but risk being a total outcast in the world of stuck up competitivness.


  • At 1:50 pm, Blogger Emlyn said…

    No! No! Go to the better school! L-- is supposed to be a great place... I was even going to chase after a job there, though ultimately wasn't able to do so.

    Nice entry about the last day, though. Well written! Sounds a bit more chaotic than what happened over at my school--students left on the day they were meant to, tears all around but nothing bad happened. The prom was fun, though, except for the twits who showed up trollied and were sent home for vomiting on stuff.

  • At 12:33 pm, Blogger Miss Waffle said…

    Hehe...I guess I'll just make a decision when I get my results. It would be funny if we ended up in the same school though. Well, maybe not for you :P

    School is worse now than before we left-students obviously cannot cope without the year 11s to keep them in line, and are running riot. I mean, even the "danger! Unhealthy!" foods in the vending machine are sold out...what is the school coming to?

  • At 10:03 am, Blogger Emlyn said…

    Still no comments? How has post-high school life been treating you? Doesn't this make you an adult or something? ;)

  • At 6:23 pm, Blogger Miss Waffle said…

    Heh, I made a new post today. Finally. Post high-school life will probably be better after all my exams are over. At the moment, it's kinda boring. Plus, I don't usually have anything to talk about, so I tend to smush all the events of the whole week into one entry. My life appears more interesting that way ;)


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