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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The 12 O'Clock news

Hmm...I've been putting off making a proper entry for far too long. I have been busy, but I suppose that's not an excuse, seeing as I can usually make time for a bit of internet use during the evening ;)

Where to start last day of school is sometime next week. The reason for the "sometime" is that we've been told that it's Friday, but I'm 99.9% sure that the teachers are going to make it tuesday without telling anyone, to prevent a mass egging of the school by the some of the more sorely departing girls in my year. I actually think it's really mean to deny people the right to say proper goodbyes--we aren't getting any kind of year 11 leaving event so next week is really the last time I'll see the majority of my year group again. I'm planning to take a load of pictures though.

Speaking of which, I finally convinced my mum that we should replace our stolen digital camera. Last year my dad took it, got his bag stolen and then never bothered to claim on the insurance. £300 pounds down the drain...have you ever heard anything more ridiculously lazy? I still want to kill him for that amongst other crimes against humanity that he commits. Seriously, he infuriates me so much, it's untrue. Back to the camera though, it should be here at the weekend, so you might be seeing a few more pictures on here than usual during the "honeymoon period".

In other news, my brother (yes, he is 12) slashed someone's tyres yesterday and the man came to our door ranting and raving. I was actually on msn at the time, so I started documenting it to my friend, which sounds like a terrible infantile thing to do, but I had no way out of the room and wanted to stay a safe distance from the madness (whilst eavesdropping, of course). Apparently my lil' bro was out there with his friends, and used his friend's knife. It's really disturbing because I'd never imagine him to do such a thing, and there was some confusion over it (2 cars had tyres slashed, but one car was done by my brother's friend). So now we've got to pay for it, and the whole street probably hates us. The man who was ranting did say some very judgemental things which I was a bit angry about, but then I guess I'd probably react that way if some little brat sabotaged my tyres. So now, my brother is permentantly grounded and my mum is walking him to and from school. To be honest, the grounding is a bit of a relief, beause ever since he started secondary school he made friends with these boys in the neighbourhood who just 'drop round' all the time which is very annoying. It's like my brother x2. Or 5, on bad days.

After relaying the story about the tyres, I can just imagine all the judgements about what kind of a person I am and what kind of a family I come from running through your head. Don't worry about it. The opportunity to ask anonymous questions or air anonymous views still stands. Non-anonymous is preferred though. Or just comments. The more I write in this blog, the more things that I'd thought that I'd never ever write (or type) have been recorded in here. I'm not talking about this entry, just stuff in general. If I was to explain how turbulent my life has been over the last 2 years, I would probably sound as if I've just walked off the set of Eastenders, so I won't. Feel privelaged though, because you're stepping into parts of my thoughts that I don't think I've ever been to before. Of course, some things will forever stay locked inside my head, which you'll never know! Muahahaha! Yeah, I know. That ruined the insightfulness, didn't it?


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