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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

School's out

Seeing as I finished my last exam on Friday, I think it's a bit late to do a "WWWOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW SSSSSKKKKKOOOOOLLLLSSSSS OOOOOOUUUUUTTTTTT 44444444 SSSUUUUMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" type thing. That would also be a lie, because I don't really feel that euphoric about it now. I actually keep thinking I should be doing some work (yes, I've obviously tried to snap myself out of it but no luck so far :] ). All in all though stuff has been quite relaxed but at the same time, not super boring, which is usually the norm for me.

On Sunday I went to see Batman Begins with my mum and brother. My lil' bro and I had one of those stupid rows about something very trivial-where to get the bus from, actually. My argument was that he's a stupid lazy little brat who can't be bothered to walk 5 minutes from the bus stop to the cinema, and things basically escalated from there, which is really a natural occurance when it comes to living with a 12 year old boy. I should have stopped myself and hyperventilated into a paper bag rather than got angry, but hey, nobody's perfect. I'll stop with the details of the argument now, before I out-pathetic myself. Anyway, the film was so damn long that by the end I didn't even remember that there had been a full scale sibling war beforehand. Almost 3 hours (including trailers and crappy adverts) is more than enough time to calm down.

Oh yeah, about the film (I swear, I was getting to that part)-it was pretty good for a comic book action thing, which I usually find terribly boring. The end was a little too drawn out and they could have cut some of it down, but overall, it was an enjoyable film. Batman's funny duck lip got a bit annoying though, especially when he was wearing the mask and that was the only bit of him you could see.
Sorry I couldn't say more. I'm no good at film reviews.

Then, on Monday, I went to Thorpe Park (that's a theme park for all you non-UK people)with a few of my friends. It was the first time I'd been somewhere that I didn't really know well without any adults but everything ran smoothly, despite paranoia ("we've taken the wrong bus!" etc). We all had a really great time, and queues weren't too terrible as it's quite early in the year for the place to be packed with schoolkids. The best part was that there was no "waa, that ride is too scary" business, and we all got to do what we wanted and got soaked. My friend made the mistake of wearing a white top, so she had to spend a bit of time with her bag pressed against her chest after desperatley trying to dry it under the toilet hand dryer. I took some pictures so I might post a few when I bother to upload them.

Anyway, I know what you're thinking. 10 loop rollercoaters AND the cinema with my brother, all in 2 days? There's no doubt that I must be the bravest girl on here.

This has been the longest blog entry that I've made in a while, and now that I've got lots of free time I'll probably update more often. So everyone who can't get enough of my blog should be happy. That should cater for everyone-I mean, do waffle-haters even exist?


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